I Am I-Think-I-Love-Nightgowns Years Old

Never thought I'd say this but, here's a roundup of nightgowns!

Listen. A little part of me as a child wanted to live during the turn of the century in a farmhouse with wide beam oak floors. And in my fantasy, when I awoke in the middle of the night to visit the outhouse, I'd pull off my layers of quilts, light my kerosene lamp on my nightstand, pull my dressing gown off my fainting sofa and quietly climb down the stairs in my white, ankle-length nightgown.

And thankfully the world in which I now live in has aligned with my childhood fantasy. Because it turns out, nightgowns are suddenly chic again.

I was working on this post and then noticed Joanna also posted about this trend and realized that it is truly a statement for sleepy time.

Here are some of my favorites. 


I believe this is exactly what I envisioned when I went through my Felicity doll phase. Oh if only I were born a Merriman and owned a horse named Penny!

Nightgown Roundup

Pintuck Nightdress, $68, Salter House


I think I need pajamas that I can just wear from the bed to the boardroom. You can definitely toss a blazer over this bad boy.

Nightgown Roundup

Luxe Pima Cotton White Serene Lounge Dress, $98, Petite Plume


One time I tried to wear one of my husband's shirts to be sexy and he just looked at me blankly and said, "Why are you wearing my shirt with no pants?" Perhaps this will be my way in.

Best Night Shirts for Women

Blueberry Night Shirt, $99, Piglet


Fully digging the fun print on this one which is made with 100% recycled, anti-microbial, and anti-static polyester charmeuse.

Nightshirts for Women

Cloud 9 Boyfriend Sleep Shirt, $80, Summer Salt


Cute, simple and maybe even a little bit sexy.

Linen Nightgown, from $78, etsy

Have I missed any good ones? Please tell.


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