The Definition of a Yelderwoman (And How to Know if You Are One)

 I've coined a new phrase that I'd like to explain.

It's a Yelderwoman.

Yelderwoman. noun, singular. 1. An adult woman in age from 35-45. 2. A woman who is not quite middle-aged, but no longer young, but also young compared to those going through menopause. 3. A woman who is familiar with both the current pop music but also prefers the 90's or Y2k Spotify stations. 4. A woman who will be told by OBGYNs that her eggs are rapidly going bye-bye. 5. A woman who sometimes sweats profusely at night and couldn't tell you why. 6. A woman who is getting gray hairs and/or new hairs on her face but also still gets the occasional pimple. 7. A woman who is shocked that people born after 2000 can now legally drink alcohol. 8. A woman who feels like TikTok is maybe a little too hip, Facebook is a little too old and Instagram is sorta just right? 9. A woman who had a crush on one of the following as a teen: Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Johnathan Brandeis, Rider Strong, Christian Bale or Matt Damon. 10. A woman who is starting to feel invisible to her younger counterparts but also finds herself more confident and compelling than ever before. 


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