I Won't Be Buying From Amazon For The Rest of the Year. Join Me?

Let's stop putting our hard-earned money towards allowing a rich white guy to send himself into space in a penis-shaped rocket. Okay?

I'm officially sick of Amazon.

Why I'm Not Shopping From Amazon

While scrolling Instagram the other day, I got served this ad from Amazon Influencers that read "Share products with your followers. Earn commissions."

Right now Amazon isn't just a cash cow for Bezos, but for influencers, bloggers, and even small business owners. It's true. I know a lot of people with their own brand or products that make a fortune selling on Amazon.

The problem is that Amazon will eventually rip you off. If you've got a proprietary brand that you're selling on Amazon and it's doing really well, they will find a way to sell it at a cheaper price.

And if Amazon doesn't do it directly, another overseas manufacturer that can compete with lower margins will.

It's rough for small businesses and it's why I'm challenging myself to not buy a single thing from Amazon for the rest of the year.

Now I live on an island twelve miles off the coast of Maine so I feel like if I can do it, you can do it.

If you aren't like me, you likely have access to grocery stores, hardware stores, downtowns - the works.

I'll report back on how this challenge is going each month but for now, I want to share some websites I shop from that offer alternatives to Amazon.

CHEWY - I buy all my pet food, cat litter, animal needs here. The subscription allows me to save money and they have incredible customer service.

VITACOST - Dude. SCREW Amazon Pantry. I can get virtually everything from Vitacost and unlike their fancy counterparts like Thrive Market, I don't have to pay a subscription cost to shop from them.

TARGET - Okay. I hate to say it but when I do need something quickly, like diapers or wipes, I'll order from Target and use my RedCard and get free shipping. It's not like supporting a small business, but it feels less guilt-inducing than the wild west that is Amazon. But feel free to call me out on this one.

POSHMARK - I like cheap clothes as much as the next person. And when I say cheap, I really mean affordable. I've noticed an uptick in people buying clothes on Amazon and for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY please become obsessed with Poshmark like I am. I buy name brand stuff for my kiddos that have been gently used and it feels like I'm not contributing to that giant plastic dump in the middle of the ocean by buying new all the time. I also love that you can offer lower prices and see if someone will accept, sorta like eBay but without hitting 'refresh' as a timer runs out.

What say you? Going to join the challenge with me?


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