I Can't Tell If These Are a Trend Or Crucial To My Well-Being

I spend hours a day looking at a screen. Between the Instagram trance in the morning to my workday at a laptop and then finally back to my IG feed before eating dinner while watching TV, the amount of screen staring I do is startling. 

I fell victim to this whole blue light glasses nonsense and have found myself wearing them at my desk. 

Before feeling like a total lunatic, I did my research. Apparently blue light glasses can affect how well I sleep. They can also do nothing apparently

I have no idea if they are helping, but they're not hurting. And they do act as a stylish office accessory if nothing else.

And before you ask, t-shirt by Madewell. I can't link to it because it's old as f*&K.

This seems to be a new theme in my life. I read about something I simply have to do in order to stop things from drooping or straining or falling into pieces. 

I get served the Instagram ad, promptly 'add to cart', then realize I am being irrational for falling prey to the algorithm that knows I was just searching 'can you stop your neck from sagging' and 'how late in life is too late for retinoids to work'.

Anyways. I bought the glasses.

Instagram: 423, Me: 0.


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